Saraya Says WWE ‘Dropped The Ball Big Time’ With Her Brother

Saraya was forced to call it quits on her career in the squared circle due to injuries sustained while working in the ring. In fact, her pro wrestling career ended up becoming a movie produced by The Rock, which was called ‘Fighting With My Family.’ Saraya comes from a pro wrestling family herself. Now it appears that she recently stated how WWE dropped the ball with her de ella brother de ella Zak Zodiac.

The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion’s family includes her parents Ricky and Julia as well as her older brother Zak Zodiac. ‘Fighting With My Family’ chronicled both Saraya and Zack’s pro wrestling journeys, as they tried to make it into WWE.

While Saraya went on to reach new heights in WWE, the same could not be said for her brother. In fact, Zak Zodiac wasn’t even given a proper chance despite participating in numerous WWE tryouts.

While speaking on the Mark Hoke show, Saraya talked about how WWE dropped the ball with her brother Zak Zodiac, adding that she hoped he would get a proper shot after the movie’s success.

“I never got the opportunity in WWE. They never gave him the time of day. He did all these tryouts and they never [gave him a shot]. After the movie, I feel like they dropped the ball big time with him. That could have been the ultimate underdog story right there. Years and years spent trying to make it.”

That being said, AEW President Tony Khan promised Saraya’s brother an opportunity to compete in AEW. We will have to wait and see whether Saraya’s brother will end up in AEW somewhere down the line, as a WWE venture is out of the question now.

What’s your view on what Saraya said? Do you think WWE dropped the ball with Zak Zodiac? Sound off in the comments!